HexConnect is a quite simple and addictive puzzle game with continuous and regular level expansions and a lot of bonuses.

Feature Overview

  • *** 530 levels, +15/week for FREE! ***
  • Highly detailed graphics: play in a nice high-tech feeling environment with sharp edges even on the highest resolution displays.
  • Continuous level expansions: in addition to the two default level packs with a total of 500 levels, you get new free levels each week, and four new purchasable level packs with a total of 1000 levels each month!
  • Varying difficulty: the game offers a great variety of board shapes and difficulties to meet everyones needs
  • Easy control and Convenience: you need only one finger to play the game
  • Fast game play: even if you have only a few minutes to play, you can pull up HexConnect - Nature and complete several levels
  • Game Center support: your progress is tracked on Game Center leaderboards and you are rewarded with over 20 great achievements for your accomplishments

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is it available for Android?

HexConnect is not available for Android yet.

1. Is it available for iPhone?

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